Hoist With Hook Suspension

1.Extra strong base frame, added strength and stability.
2.Driven by double hydraulic cylinders, steel wire chain-type elevating system
3.Automatic lock release, easy operation, just press UP/DOWN button.
4.Oil cylinder parts made by automatic high rotation speed CNC lathe ensure the excellent finish and concentricity.
5. Automatic arm restraints, lifting arm automatically engages when lift is raised, and disengaged when lift lowered to the ground.
6.Single side safety control, arm locks with tooth type ratchet, multi-safety device, more reliable.
7. 3-stage Screw-up pads suitable for low chassis vehicle as well as SUVs, makes easy and quick service.
8.Door opening protection rubber as standard.
9.The overall design is suitable for tire tear open outfit, chassis maintenance, oil changes and maintenance, engineering vehicles such as regular vehicle maintenance; (suitable for conventional garage and service station to purchase)
10.Economical but reliable cast-iron cover motor, Optional aluminum motor
11.Optional imported pumping device



Hoist With Hook Suspension

I.Product Description:

Electric chain hoist with hook suspension is a very popular kind of lightweight lifting and material handling equipment, which consists of electric motor, transmission mechanism and chain wheels. With advantages of safety, high-efficiency, durability, manpower saving etc, electric chain hoists are widely used in industrial building construction, workshop lifting, warehouse material handling, shipyard, port, mining, railway construction etc. All the electric chain hoist can be controlled both by pendant cable and wireless remote, it’s very convenient to use wireless remote to control hoist working at anywhere within 50m distance.

II.Product Feature

  1. Shell:The shell is lightweight and sturdy, with a high heat dissipation rate.The hermetically sealed design is suitable for use in conditions with poor working conditions.
  2. Reverse phase protection device:This is special electrical equipment, when the power wiring is wrong, the control circuit can not work.
  3. Upper and Lower Limit Switch.
  4. Push Button Controlswith the low voltage of 24V/36V/48V.
  5. Brake System:The brake adopts disc type DC electromagnetic field braking, itsbraking torque is large, steady, rapid and with low noise.
  6. Chain:Adopts Grade 80 load chainwhich is a kind ofsuper heat-treated alloy steel chain.
  7. Load Sheave / Chain Guide
  8. Electric Control Panel Available and wireless remote control available for all motions
  9. Forged carbon steel hook with a heavy-duty hook latch
  10. Gear box with alloy steel helical and spur gear reduction wireless remote control is optional as customer’s request

III. Technical parameters


IV. Parameters of Dual Speeds

Shipping & Delivery

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